Special design and made after customers' wish

Hand-tailored bookshelf with daybed

Bathroom fittings made after customers measuring and wishes

TV-bench made in same style as customers' existing table 

Journeyman's certificate

Special-adapted book-shelf in basement with strengthening in the shelf-plating

Massive masculine office-desk

Soundproof storage-cabinets for telephones

Whole-wood pine-shelf cabinet in hallway

Stair renewal

Another stair renewal

Minimalistic antechamber/ side-able

Office-desk with showcase

Outdoor-furniture to hut, specially adapted for a small slope. Local timber from Fåvang has been used here

Wall-mounted display-cabinet with sliding glass-doors

Recreated drawers for an old cupboard from the 17-1800's

Practical kitchen-table med storage-space below

IKEA-kitchen with a big lining here, the customer wanted a wine-shelf, in stead of the big lining.

Epoxy-table in solid oak

Book-shelf in veneered oak, from floor- to ceiling level

Wardrobe in veneered oak

Bedside-table with drawer, from customers' measurements

Round oak-table after customers' wish

Wall-mounted shelf-boxes

Game-wall for pitched roof


Casket made for Heggedal church

Bench in the same design as the customers' existing chair